Go schooling in Lethbridge

It is Lethbridge – a small city located in southern Alberta, Canada. There are 94000 people living in the city. It is a very quiet, peaceful, but always super windy.

Why Lethbridge is an option for schooling? Although it is such a small community, it is home to University of Lethbridge (UofL) and Lethbridge College, both publicly funded institute. Uof L ranks the third in the Primarily Undergraduate as Macleans conducted in 2016, click here to view the university rankings.

  1. Affordable Tuition Fee
    for a typical course load of five classes per semester (10 courses over the academic year)
    International Student Tuition and Fees : $16,377 (2015/2016)
  2. Low Gas PricepetrocanAlberta is a wealthy province support by the abundant source of oil reserve, Alberta’s oil sands has the third largest oil reserves in the world, after of Venezuela  and Saudi Arabia. One of the good thing living in Alberta is the cheap gas.
  3. Meat lover favorite – Alberta BeefalbertabeefThere are many castle farm in Alberta and the province accounts for 40% production in Canada. Trust me. It is as good as Kobe beef :p
  4. Natural Scenic Beauty
    You can discover many many breathtaking view in the Rockies which are hardly find in Asia. The road trip doesn’t take any longer than 5 hours, fair enough?

Further reading: Canadian university rankings, Gas price comparison, Alberta Parks


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